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"Rare opportunity- Pristine 1962 Lark convertible

My long time Studebaker friends have come to the point where they very reluctantly have to move to an assisted living complex. They can no longer keep their beautiful '62 Lark convertible. They called me and asked if I could offer the car for sale. They would prefer to directly sell to a SDC member rather than worrying about an eBay sale. I did list their also pristine '50 Champion Starlight Coupe on eBay years ago and that worked out OK. But, selling on eBay was rather traumatic and is more so now.

The car started life as a 1962 Regal convertible, Metallic Brown finish, with a six-cylinder engine and three-speed overdrive, but when the owners bought it, the six had been replaced by a 259 V-8 The owners have babied the car and kept it carefully garaged in pristine condition for nearly 20 years. They have driven the car to nearly every Potomac Chapter tour, nearly every eastern Studebaker show and every SDC International along with many other miscellaneous activities. While the '62 was carefully garaged, it was truly driven. For example, in 2003 seven Studebakers including this pristine convertible were driven nearly 6,000 miles traveling from the east to cruise old Route 66 all the way to the end of the Santa Monica pier and home again.

The owners had depended on shops that could service the car, but that had finally come to where no shops were interested in servicing the car. The car still looked like new, but when I volunteered to take the car to gas it up while we were on a tour, I found that it did indeed need some good service. The doors needed to be re-hung and many other things were out of adjustment. I convinced the owners to take the car to Witmer's Automotive at Ephrata, PA where I knew he would have the best service. And, when they picked up the serviced car, they were absolutely delighted at the improvement- drove like a new car.
The owner is asking $19,000